It’s a risky idea for a circus performer to walk a highwire without a net. But people love the drama. That is until the performer falls – that has happened.

A different kind of net is the one used for fishing. The risk here is to come home with an empty net – but still alive!

The analogy Jesus used to compare fishing to evangelism has self-evident applications. Here are a few.

1. We are talking about fishing for people.
2. This is about commercial fishing, not optional recreation. It is work, not relaxation.
3. Every day in commercial fishing isn’t a prosperous day.
4. You can never catch fish without a net (a mechanism). Fishing rods were not in the picture.
5. Catching multiple fish was the expectation.
6. Fish don’t usually jump into the boat on their own. You have to take the initiative and go fishing.
7. When you aren’t catching fish you need a better idea. And that isn’t always a better net. It could be a better place. It might be a better attitude towards work.
8. Jesus suggested two options. In Luke 5 he authoritatively told the tired reluctant disciples to go into the deep water. In John 21 he told the unsuccessful fishermen to throw the net on the right side of the boat. In both cases, it worked.
9. You have to do your own fishing. Incidentally, fishing isn’t praying for fish to jump in the boat.
10. Fish or starve.

You might be able to add a few concepts. And the point is you have to employ all the concepts or you won’t make it.

If you are a church leader – and every Christian is a church leader in the sense they form an example – you have to find a way.

Here is one way. Send the people you are seeking to reach over to and that will redirect them to The John Challenge app. Then after they sign up follow them up and offer to help them take the challenge.

What is the worst thing that can happen if you try? You won’t fall to the arena floor like a few tragedies with the Wallenda family falling from a highwire. But the risk to the eternal destiny of the people you don’t reach is even greater.