I hope that title got your attention! The word “evangelism” is not in there but the Bible bleeds evangelism anywhere you cut it.
You will find the word “evangelist” in the Bible but not the word “evangelism.” The core of that word is “evangel” and that simply means “good news.” “Evangelism” is the wonderful privilege to share the good news. The person on the other end might not see it as “good news” but when you share it, you never know when it will strike a chord leading to a symphony. So if evangelism (outreach) is so important it had better find a prominent part in your balanced ministry.
Why is it that as soon as you raise the subject with Christians they start to feel guilty? Or maybe they just get a knot in their gut!
Any approach you take has to have several characteristics if it is going to be effective with a significant portion of your network.

  • It has to be simple enough.
  • It has to be affordable enough.
  • It has to be duplicatable.

And there are other basic characteristics that make a system work. The main issue however is, do Christians care enough to share enough. Watch for more posts to help with that.