Purpose Is Everything

Starbucks has a purpose statement. It is written on the backside of every apron. Customers don't see it. "To inspire and nurture the human spirit, one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time" There is a correlation between the beginning of coffee shops and the...

Without a Net

It's a risky idea for a circus performer to walk a highwire without a net. But people love the drama. That is until the performer falls - that has happened. A different kind of net is the one used for fishing. The risk here is to come home with an empty net - but...

3 Reasons to Stay Out of It

Have you ever wondered why Jesus didn't get political? Or for that matter, do you wonder why none of the New Testament writers made political commentary along the way? I can think of three reasons; can you think of more? Jesus wanted to keep the main thing the main...

Soul Winner – yuck?

Soul winner. Hmm. Dare I say it? Yuck! The term makes me feel queasy.  I guess it comes from Proverbs 11:30 which in the King James Version says, "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he that winneth souls is wise.” I don't think it's fair to apply this...

Why Aren’t More People Coming to Jesus?

Can we agree on a few points to start? The Bible is the collection of God's words. The Gospel is the message this world desperately needs. Jesus changes people for time and prepares them for eternity. Are we on the same page? Moving on. If there's nothing wrong with...

The Master Plan of Evangelism

The Master Plan of Evangelism is a book written by Robert E. Coleman back in the 1960s. Remarkably, over 3.5 million copies have been sold. And it was a wise purchase in every case! Perhaps, given the current understanding of the word "evangelism", it would be better...

Evangelism Isn’t in the Bible

I hope that title got your attention! The word "evangelism" is not in there but the Bible bleeds evangelism anywhere you cut it. You will find the word “evangelist” in the Bible but not the word “evangelism.” The core of that word is “evangel” and that simply means...

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You probably know that everything is going “mobile” these days. How about your church?

Could you use a free app to spread the Gospel far and wide? Make a copy of this app and use it throughout your church. You will find a dramatic increase and your evangelistic impact!

This is a great conversation starter. Just encourage everyone in your church with a mobile device — which is pretty much everyone — to download a copy and go through
The John Challenge themselves. Then encourage them to take it to all of their friends, relatives, associates and neighbors who have not yet met Jesus.

Not everyone will take you up on the offer but many will. And the price is right! It’s free. No strings attached.

NOTE: You won’t find this app in any app store. It is only available here!

Some think print media is “old school” but it has its advantages! When you are reading a book you can read it at your pace. It speeds up and slows down automatically to meet your needs.

Many people appreciate The John Challenge in print because it gives them the capacity to think on their own speed and to make notes on the fly.

Get your copy today wherever fine books are sold online. Search for The John Challenge Gary V Carter.

Gary V Carter

Gary V Carter

Meet Gary

If you don’t know the name you may have read some of his writings because he has published more than a million words in various ministry writings. Often he has written as a “ghost writer” for others because his motto for decades has been “I’d rather be a king maker than a king.” It is all about the King getting the glory. Search “Gary V Carter” on your favorite online book reseller and you are bound to find some good books to enhance your ministry.

Drop Gary a line at gary@thejohnchallenge.org or phone at 905-601-2110.